Palisades Zim

Sketches done for the now-defunct Palisades Toy company’s “Invader ZiM” toyline.  In addition to drawing turnaround sheets for accessories and suggesting other accessory ideas, I also performed digital sculpt adjustments for series 1 and part of series 2. Acting as a fan consultant during the process, I was able to convince Palisades of several small but significant changes to the figures, including replacing Zim’s eyes with translucent red plastic instead of opaque plastic, the early inclusion of Minimoose as a support figure, and numerous tweaks and adjustments to the figures for style to try and bring them closer to the then-current series 2 design boards.

We worked without any support or official artwork from Nickelodeon and were also working without the benefit of DVDs. This meant that all reference material was screencapped from internet rips of the episodes, often in very low resolution (320 x 240). At times,  I actually needed to blow up, strip and redraw individual frames to be used for stickers and print inserts for the toys (such as Dib’s suitcase of photos, and the screen stickers applied to various toy screens) – a difficult task as all screens in ZiM’s original animation included screen-effects and pixellation overlays.

I’m still haunted by the moose from “Room With A Moose”…

For this work, I received box credit.