Social Media Images

These are image series I created to be posted to a client’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. These were created in Photoshop Elements 11 and designed to use web standard color palettes.

The brand was a fitness company strongly interested in holistic medicine, spiritual philosophies and mind-body fusion. The target audience was middle-aged, affluent, college-educated women from the ages of 30 to 55 posting on Facebook. As cost of production was a concern, confirmed public domain images were used as the backing to reduce stock photo purchasing.

For these sample copies I  have deleted the client’s name and logo from these pieces, but they are representative reproductions.

Pearls of Wisdom

This inspirational image series was designed to run once a week. These were designed to draw focus to the quote and give a calm and sophisticated feeling. The background images were tinted to warmer shades to avoid a clinical or icy sense. Four backgrounds were selected and cycled through each week on Tuesdays. The fonts are mixed weights of Raleway (quote), and All Round Gothic (“pearlsofwisdom”)


An inspirational images series to run on Mondays in support of the #mondaymotivation hashtag.  I selected topical quotes for the month to match and support the content calendar, and picked images I thought would fit best with the quotes. To match the client’s buyer persona, this series featured female dancers, flowers and natural elements. Images were not repeated once used. The font is Liberation Sans.

Somatic Sensation

A series to promote greater body awareness and body literacy, posted once a week on Wednesdays. Text was sampled from the client’s previously written fitness books and backed with public-domain images found in anatomical textbooks.  For this image set, the client’s copyrighted original text has been replaced with my own text.