Check out some of my great feedback from clients and co-workers!

Feedback from 2015 Clients

From Deena Anreise at Ascension Software:

“You are awesome. So glad to be working with you. I am really fueled by our collaboration.”

Feedback from 2014 Social Media Survey

November 2014, from anonymized user responses to a survey polling userbase on their perceptions of a client’s social media presence after 3 months of  campaigns I ran. 79 % of users responding to the poll noticed an increase or improvement in communications on Facebook.

“It’s rocking my world these days! So impressed!”

“I am liking the balance of images with content articles, highlights.”

“I have most definitely noticed an increased presence, and I find it MAGICAL!”

Feedback from Yahoo

May 2013, from Screen project lead Sarah Latoza:

“Thank you so much for all of the great work you’ve done on this project – it has been tremendously helpful and made a real difference in our video content/coverage on Search!”

Jan. 2013, from Time Traveler app project lead Micaela Blondet:

“Cassandra was a key player in the launch of Time Traveler v2. She researched data for thousands of attractions and spot-checked city files giving great feedback to editors. She also contributed by sharing ideas to improve the general workflow of the project. Thank you, Cassandra! You rock!”

Feedback from First Unitarian Church

April 2009, from Minister of Social Justice Kate Lore:

“Cassandra, thank you for all that you do for our church. You have consistently served our organization well in the most unnerving and challenging times. Thank you for your flexibility in regards to your ever-changing, ever-growing job responsibilities. Thank you for sharing your incredible intelligence with us. And thank you for riding out the storm waves with such a forgiving heart.”